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Our Support

  1. Start up and sustained operational assistance to Business Partners.
  2. Implement and assist with all operational programs and procedures, including understanding of the Products and Business.
  3. Schedule personalized visits to existing Showrooms.
  4. Conduct regular scheduled phone calls to discuss service, retail and training requirements.
  5. Host regular meetings with the Business Partners.

  1. Provide training to New Business Partners as a Dealer on the Business Operations, Network Expansion, Products and Business Processes.
  2. Provide training to Sales staff on Products, Selling Skills, Processes and Customer Interaction.
  3. Training and Practical Knowledge to mechanics and engineers for servicing of vehicles and company processes.
  4. Provide extensive Literature, Journals and Guides about the Products and EV industry.

  1. Provide Marketing, Launch, Media Interaction activities.
  2. Continuous Joint Promotion Schemes to Partners to attract more customers.
  3. Advertising and PR support to highlight the Showroom in nearby circles. Hosting events and various joint promotional activities in the region.
  4. Marketing Kit – It would be provided with the first load of vehicles. It would include various items like Canopy, Branding Material, Leaflets and brochures for promotional activities.
  5. Traditional and Digital promotions to boost business.