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Why Janaasha

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Janaasha Appliances

Rissala Electric Vehicles and other e-products are designed better than other similar vehicles being currently sold in the Indian markets. We are testing & incorporating majority of Indian components – thus making it “Make in India”.

REM has gained exclusive designs & patents – exclusive rights for India. All the vehicles can be easily charged at home which makes it the best choice among the consumers. The demand for Electric Scooters and Bikes is going to rise tremendously as the Government is pushing its Policies favoring the Environment. All REM Vehicles are designed for maximum Life Cycle Proposition.

The Govt. of India is strongly pushing the transition from Petrol Vehicles to Electric Vehicles.

India has 370 million two wheelers which is the largest in the world.

Each year 30-40 million two wheelers are sold in India.

Govt. of India has banned sale of Petrol two wheelers below 200cc from March 2025, which constitutes 80% of two wheelers sold in India.

Cost of running Electric Vehicle is 6 paisa per km as compared to Petrol Vehicles.

As per Govt. o f India data, India will save 17,000 crore by selling Electric vehicles by 2025.

By 2030, India aspires to achieve 100 per cent Electric vehicles sales.

Partnering For Growth

All stakeholders of the organization share common growth and development goals; be it the goal to maximize the profit, OR to increase the market share OR to establish a brand repute in their market. By leveraging the right tools and implementing the most efficient processes, JANAASHA is able to assist our partners in achieving their respective goals.

Partnering with JANAASHA allows members to focus on the strategic picture and meeting their respective goals instead of basic sales operations.

Achieving goals successfully together is the key to a fruitful long term business relationship, which is not always easy. By partnering with JANAASHA, our partners know that they can rely on our team to achieve their goals.

Our team of experienced professionals understands exactly what it takes to make an organization successful and work hand in hand as collaborators with our partners and collectively helps them to achieve their targets effectively and efficiently.

As the proverb goes “Change is the only constant factor”, marketing is no different. The world of advertising and marketing is changing very fast and getting more and more complex. We support our partners with latest tools to advertise in the most relevant and efficient ways.

Along with managing daily operations, we also support setting and achieving long-term goals. We provide innovative solutions and opportunities to our partners by allowing them to formulate their own strategic plan to successfully achieve both short and long term goals.