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Janaasha E-Auto: Exploring the Technical Parameters in Detail


Exploring the Technical Parameters in Detail – Janaasha E-Auto is a revolutionary electric vehicle that offers a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation. In this blog, we will delve into its technical parameters, highlighting its motor, brake system, body type, controller, dimensions, battery, and more.

Let’s explore the key specifications that make Janaasha E-Auto a remarkable choice in the electric vehicle market.


The Janaasha E-Auto is equipped with a powerful 3000 Watt AC motor, providing ample power for smooth and efficient operation. This motor ensures a dynamic driving experience while minimizing energy consumption.

Brake System:

To ensure reliable braking performance, the Janaasha E-Auto features disc brakes both at the front and rear. This setup offers enhanced safety and control, allowing for quick and precise stops when needed.

Body Type:

Constructed with CRCA MS steel, the Janaasha E-Auto exhibits a robust and durable body structure. This material provides excellent strength, ensuring the vehicle’s stability and longevity.

Passenger Capacity:

The Janaasha E-Auto offers flexible passenger options with two variants available: 1+4 and 1+3. This versatility allows for accommodating varying passenger needs, making it suitable for both personal and commercial usage.


The efficient 3000-watt controller optimizes the power distribution from the motor to ensure smooth acceleration and responsive handling. It plays a crucial role in regulating the vehicle’s performance and overall efficiency.

Wheel Rims:

Designed for both style and functionality, the Janaasha E-Auto features alloy wheels for both front and rear axles. These wheels not only enhance the vehicle’s aesthetics but also contribute to improved stability and handling.

Dimensions and Wheelbase:

With dimensions of 2600mm X 1300mm X 1750mm, the Janaasha E-Auto strikes a balance between spaciousness and maneuverability. The ample wheelbase of 1980mm further enhances stability and provides a comfortable ride.

Charging Time and Range:

The Janaasha E-Auto requires approximately 4-5 hours for a full charge, allowing for convenient and efficient charging. With a maximum speed of 50km/h, it offers a decent range of 140-175 km per charge, making it suitable for both short commutes and longer journeys.

Battery and Warranty:

Powered by a lithium LFP battery, the Janaasha E-Auto ensures reliable performance and longevity. Two battery options are available: 160Ah 60V and 200Ah 60V, providing flexibility based on individual requirements. The battery comes with a commendable 3-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for the users.

Mileage and Tyres:

The Janaasha E-Auto delivers an impressive mileage of 140-175 km per charge, making it an economical choice for daily commuting. It features reliable and durable tyres with specifications of 4.00-12 and 3.75-12, offering excellent grip and stability on various road surfaces.

Shocker Suspension:

Equipped with hydraulic shocker suspension, the Janaasha E-Auto provides a comfortable and smooth ride, absorbing the bumps and vibrations on uneven terrains. This suspension system enhances the overall driving experience, ensuring passenger comfort.


With its impressive technical parameters, the Janaasha E-Auto stands as a game-changer in the electric vehicle market. Its powerful motor, advanced braking system, durable body, efficient controller, and reliable battery make it a reliable and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Whether for personal or commercial use, the Janaasha E-Auto offers a sustainable and convenient solution for modern mobility needs.

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