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Janaasha EV Dealership and Distributorship Opportunities

The Indian transportation landscape is undergoing a historic shift towards electric vehicles (EVs). Janaasha Electric Vehicles, a pioneer in this exciting space, is leading the charge with a comprehensive range of electric 3-wheelers and scooters – e-rickshaws, e-autos, and e-scooters. We’re seeking passionate

partners to join us on this journey and become a driving force in sustainable mobility.

Why Janaasha Electric Vehicles?

Innovative and Reliable Products

Janaasha is committed to innovation and quality. Our e-rickshaws, e-autos, and e-scooters are designed with cutting-edge technology, ensuring high performance, durability, and safety. Whether it’s the sturdy build of our e-rickshaws, the versatility of our e-autos, or the sleek design of our e-scooters, every product promises an unmatched experience.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

By promoting electric vehicles, Janaasha contributes significantly to reducing carbon footprints. Our EVs produce zero emissions, helping to combat pollution and protect the environment. As a dealer or distributor, you’ll be part of this vital mission, offering your customers a greener alternative for their transportation needs.

Growing Market Demand

The demand for electric vehicles is on the rise, driven by increasing environmental awareness and government incentives. Janaasha’s comprehensive range of EVs caters to this growing market, providing reliable and cost-effective transportation solutions. This burgeoning demand ensures lucrative business opportunities for our partners.

Benefits of Becoming a Janaasha Dealer or Distributor

Attractive Margins and Incentives Janaasha offers competitive margins and attractive incentives to its dealers and distributors. Our business model is designed to ensure that our partners enjoy profitable returns on their investment, making it a win-win partnership.

Extensive Support and Training We believe in empowering our partners with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. Janaasha provides extensive training programs and ongoing support to help you understand our products, market them effectively, and manage your operations efficiently.

Marketing and Branding Assistance Janaasha’s strong brand presence and comprehensive marketing strategies ensure that our products reach a wide audience. As a dealer or distributor, you’ll benefit from our branding efforts, including promotional campaigns, digital marketing, and advertising support.

Comprehensive After-Sales Service Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Janaasha’s dedicated after-sales service team ensures prompt and efficient support for any issues, enhancing the customer experience and fostering loyalty.

How to Join the Janaasha Family

Becoming a Janaasha dealer or distributor is a straightforward process. Here’s what you need to do:

Application Submission Fill out our online application form on the Janaasha website. Provide detailed information about your business background and your interest in partnering with us.

Evaluation and Approval Our team will review your application and conduct a thorough evaluation. Once approved, you’ll receive an official partnership offer from Janaasha.

Training and Setup Upon acceptance, you’ll undergo comprehensive training and receive all the necessary resources to set up your dealership or distributorship. Our team will assist you every step of the way.

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